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Top 6 Blue Indoor Area Rugs for Living Room and Bedroom

Blue area rugs introduce a point of convergence instantly and bring smoothness, style and characterize your home’s indoor décor. Make an alleviating and welcoming living space with an indigo area rug. Baby blue color floor covering is sufficient to add warmth to any living space.

Nowadays, home decoration can be summarized in a single word: neutral. Most of the walls are grey or white. Home furnishing accessories have different tones of the same color.  As you get ready to beautify your home, remember what your main purpose of introducing an area rug is. Do you need a warm, comfortable room or a cool and alleviating one? Today, we should talk about what to do if you need an open, vaporous, loosening up the room. Blue area rug opens up spaces, helps them feel cool and welcoming, and looks incredible in pretty much every rug design conspires.

To assist you with understanding the complexities of this flawless tone, we should take a gander at the shading haggle. Here, MAT Living provides some examples of blue indoor area rugs & carpets for the living room and bedroom.

Handmade Leather Tufted Rio Nihal Blue / Indigo Area Rug

Rio Collection Nihal Area Rug is chic and elegant that adds a dreamy touch to any room. This rug is meticulously crafted from the finest leather and blue hues of hexagon and octagon that are arranged symmetrically. The geometric pattern of the Nihal rug soothes the soul. Nihal rug can transform your décor in the most beautiful ways. This luxury geometric blue area rug adds a dreamy touch to any living area whether it is the living room or bedroom. A beautiful leather rug is hand-tufted with the finest cowhide and bamboo viscose.

Handmade Platinum Bamboo Luxury Aqua Area Rug

Unique bamboo viscose is utilized for this assortment with numerous colors mixed. An extravagant sparkle from the silky soft filaments in these hand-loomed aqua rugs makes a characteristic mottling impact. They closely resemble regular silk, yet are not difficult to clean and focus on.

Patchwork Tufted Sarangi Turquoise Area Rug

Made in an interwoven style similar to vintage Leatherworking, the Sarangi Turquoise Blue Rug is an enchanting expansion to any styled space. A splendid vintage rug design shows through the colored wool most intriguingly. This cutting-edge traditional rug is accessible in a large number of color choices to oblige your room configuration projects and numerous measuring choices. Handwoven by a craftsman, this excellent floor covering is genuinely captivating. This amazing hand-tufted area rug is weaved with 100% wool.

Geo Wako Dayton Blue Area Rug

If you are looking for a blue rug that has more remarkable energy to it, Dayton may be the one for you. An eccentric plan that feels somewhat on the cutting edge side is dissipated across the outside of this hand-woven, blue area rug in a most captivating way. A fine decision for a kitchen/dining area or all-white lounge room, this rug makes certain to collect consideration from all who find it. This hand-woven scattered rug can be requested in your selection of sizes.

Hand Tufted Rio Cobalt/Indigo Area Rug

An extravagant floor covering for the insightful home-style aficionado, the Cobalt is hand-created and wonderful. Made from cowhide and complex enough for a proper front room, this blue area rug has a high pile that is delicate to the touch. Accessible in sizes to suit your inclinations. Miniature fiber backing focuses on detail that it merits. This luxury cum contemporary style area rug is made with pure leather and bamboo viscose.

Leather Tufted Rio Adhara Blue/Indigo Area Rug

Adhara area rug is hand-crafted and beautiful from our Rio Collection. Made from leather and sophisticated enough for a common living room, this rug has a luxurious pile that is soft to the touch. Adhara rug is available in blue and beige colors. This delightful rug has a miniature fiber backing to create a finely detailed rug. Contact MAT Living to get the customized area rug to suit your preferences.

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