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Rug & Carpet Trends in 2021 according To Interior Designer

Trends, are sometimes hard to follow. Especially if you are on the wrong side of the creative fence. However, if done right, keeping up with trends works exactly like a makeover. New season, new trend, and the same package in the new wrap- now, if that doesn’t sound exciting to you, I don’t know what will. As a trendsetter blogger, we decided why not help out rug and carpet enthusiasts who are busy deciding what to buy and from where to buy. 

So if we tell you to buy a certain rug or carpet from a particular place, do not think of us as a promoter. We write here to inform you that we make sure to advise experts first, so rest assured that you’re in safe hands. For you to know rug and carpet trends in 2021, we consulted various interior designers and took their advice on which rug or carpet to buy and which one will go with the trend. 

Before we start, don’t you think it is mandatory to know about certain points everyone should remember before going out to get those statement rugs and carpets. So on-demand of our interior designer to help out everyone, we will jot down some points on what to keep in mind while shopping for rugs and carpets for your personal space or professional. 

Tips to remember while selecting rugs and carpets-

  • Please measure the size of the room so that whenever you’ll get the carpet, it will be of the correct size to save you from the hassle of exchanging it.
  • Ensure that carpet color and pattern is in coordination with the room color and accessories
  • Check the thickness; thick carpets and rugs are usually hard to clean.
  • Get a carpet according to the use, and if you are buying it for home, you can get the delicate ones. In case you are getting them for office space, get a dark one so that it won’t show dirt easily. 
  • Check the trends, don’t get an outdated one when you can get your clients the carpet that is hot on the trending list. 

Now that we have established the ground rules for getting a carpet let’s gather some information about the rugs and carpet trends of 2021. 

Animal print is the new normal.

Animal prints have always been a topic of discussion among the elites. If you are anyone from high-end places, you must be aware of their animal print love. Animal prints boast of maximalism. To achieve this, get an animal print carpet such as a zebra or a leopard print, tiger or maybe dalmatian. According to interior designers, animal print is a great way to add a statement to any space. 

According to interior designers, if you opt for animal print statement rugs and carpets, keep the decoration minimal so avoid cramping the space. 

Too much layering is never too much.

Don’t worry, and we were shocked as well but we decided to add this in our Rug & Carpet Trends in 2021 according To Interior Designer ideas. According to our consultation with designers, we have established one thing- layering will always be in fashion, be it clothes or rugs. So why not try it! To follow the rules of layering, follow the hierarchy, layer the carpet with rugs. With this, you can add a little extra texture to your place. Layering adds personality to space. The idea of layering rugs on carpets has been and will stay in the trend for a long time. However, ensure that your rugs and carpets are in contrast and not competing with each other to scream for attention from onlookers. 

Put extra attention on geometrics.

Geometry patterns are a legit eye-catcher. From cushions, duvets, clothes to rugs and carpets, geometric patterns are everywhere. Maximum brands recently started to drop geometric rugs and carpets in the market to attract more consumers. The experiment with geometric patterns is getting bolder and bolder every day. There are patchworks, dotty carpets for kids, vertical and horizontal lines creating a paradox effect. Gosh- these patterns are never-ending. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your hands on those geometric patterns. 

Make your stairs elite.

When we discuss rugs, what do you envision? A room with chairs, accessories, chandeliers, fireplace, a romantic movie, popcorn with your loved one, sitting on a soft and plush carpet, enjoying your day in total bliss. Let us break that beautiful dream! Rugs and carpets are not only for floors but stairs too. To reduce the risk of falls, random slips, and a little accident here and there, stair runners, carpet, or rug is a million-dollar idea. They are multipurpose. They save your stairs from wear and tear while keeping their color from fading or any accident that may happen or happened in the past with anyone. You can opt for a customized rug to fulfill the purpose. 

Mixing and matching is the key to your dream space.

Contrary to popular opinion, mixing and matching is a great way to decorate any space. According to interior designers, mix and match give you multiple options for accessorizing the space. You get to play with different colors, styles, patterns, and more. It is a lovely way to add more personality to any place. The experimental style is going to stay in trend for a very long time. So consider this as a sign and try the mix and match idea. If you are not sure how to implement this, consult with an interior designer and give this idea a good try. Who knows what amazing idea you might end up with? 

So these were our picks after consultation with our interior designers about Rug & Carpet Trends in 2021 according To Interior Designer. If we forgot a hot trend or any other tips, feel free to mention them in the comment box so that our readers can know about it too and make their space more attractive. 

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