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Top 7 tips for buying a luxury carpet

Carpet buying is an art and it takes a lot of observation to learn that art.  If you wish to invest in buying a luxury carpet or rug, you need to have ample knowledge about a lot of things that go around the purchase. Various factors should be kept in mind while purchasing a rug. Pile, fibers, shape, size and color are the essential aspects to selecting a perfect rug. Do not worry, here are the 7 tips that will make your carpet purchase easier:

1. Style and décor


The style and décor of the room you are buying the carpet for should be paid thorough attention too. Not just the design, pattern and color, it is important to pay attention to the fabric, fiber and pile of the carpet. In order to increase the durability and improve the feel and performance, the traffic of the room plays an important role.

2. Pile of the carpet

There are various aspects when it comes to selecting the perfect carpet. Pile or the density of the carpet plays a significant role in deciding the befitting room for the carpet. The height of the pile or any carpet or rug defines the thickness of the carpet. The short pile rugs are stronger and easier to take care of. Following are the different pile styles that can be explored while purchasing a carpet:

  • Twist pile:  Twist pile are the most famous kind of carpet available in the market. They are soft in texture and are available in almost every color you could imagine. They are hard wearing and last a long time. With a soft texture, these carpets are an excellent addition to any home.
  • Loop piles: Just like the name suggests, these carpets are made of loops. They look just the floor texture and come in various thicknesses and weights. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, the beautiful patterns make any space come alive.
  •  Velvet pile: The most luxurious carpet of the lot, it is the softest to touch. Look-wise this carpet is well-distinguished from the others and has suede appearance.
  • Saxony pile: Perfect fit for any bedroom, these carpets have lush pile to beautify the room. They provide a very comfortable cushion to the feet and warmth in the cold season. With a truly sinking feeling for the feet, it feels like a walk on the cloud.

3. Woven or tufted?

There is major classification in the carpet market which should be kept in mind while purchasing the luxury carpet. The woven carpet has beautiful colors and patterns woven into them rather than having a print on top. They can be hand-woven or machine woven. With intricate patterns and designs these carpets have rich deep color tones. Woven out of wool, these carpets are true symbol of strength and durability. This natural carpet is water-stain resistant, low on flammability and springs to shape in an instant.

Tufted carpets on the other hand area cluster of yarn fabrics which is sewn through the fabric through a needle. This method gives the carpet its signature tufted appearance. Once the fabric is sewn, the carpet is dyed to get the desired color. The carpets can have a single color or have multiple hues. Mostly used for wall-to-wall carpeting, these carpets are suitable for room with heavy furniture.

4. Pick the correct underlay

There are multifaceted benefits when it comes to picking the correct underlay for the carpet. It is mandatory to choose the perfect underlay if the durability of the carpet is to be enhanced. The underlay of the carpet are excellent insulators of the warmth in cold season and saves electricity bill. With addition benefit of providing cushion to the feet, they also muffle the sound and reduce echoes.

There are two options for the type of underlay for luxury carpets. Mainly divided as rubber underlays and PU foam underlays. Rubber underlays are more traditional carpet underlays and very popular too. They are of three types; crumb, crumb felt and sponge. Crumb underlays are more durable and suitable for rooms with heavy traffic. Crumb felt has an extra layer which provides more comfort and cushion. Sponge underlay absorbs odor and provides more stability. It also provides insulation and comfort to the feet. PU foam are recycled carpet underlay produced from recycled foam. It adds comfort and is available in a variety thickness all the while being light-weight and easy to handle.

5. The right material

Choosing the right material is very important while purchasing a luxury carpet or rug. Luxury carpets are available in various fabrics in the market. Every fiber has its own characteristic and importance in the making of the rug. Nylon, woolen, acrylic and olefin are some of the materials in which carpets are produced and sold. The choice of material can be made based on the utility of the carpet.

6. More care

Luxury carpets demand more attention and care. The level of care required depends on the material and pile. For example: the short pile carpets require less maintenance than long pile carpet. Carpets, no matter of which pile and fabric would always require some kind of care. It is advised to deep clean the carpet and remove debris to enhance its longevity.

7. Explore every option

While investing in a luxury carpet, it is necessary to explore every material and every texture and pattern. Before setting eyes upon one carpet make sure you plan the locality of the carpet and analyze the traffic in the head.

To conclude, the following should be kept in mind:

  • The pile determines where the rug should be placed. Low pile rugs are easier to maintain and are lightweight. The fiber helps determine the durability and longevity of the rug. 
  • There needs to be an understanding of which fiber would go with which season and climate.
  • Another vital detail to look out for is the size of the rug. If the rug is too small, it looks disproportional. Whereas if it is too big, it engulfs and overpowers the whole room.
  •  Color plays a crucial role as well. If the choice of color is wrong concerning the room, it can ruin the home’s entire ambiance. No matter how urgent the desire is to put two vibrant colors together, always pair muted walls with bright rugs and vice versa.

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