Top 11 Area Rug Styles to Try in Your Home

Ever wondered what could brighten up a room without any significant changes? The answer would be a vibrant and beautiful rug. Yes, the answer was that simple. Rugs can prove to have multifaceted benefits. They can cover ugly floors and wall to wall carpeting. They help provide warmth and cushion from tiles, wooden, and concrete floors, help muffle sounds and get rid of echoes. A smart rug choice can do wonders for any room and home. It can transform an open space into cosy rooms and define area divisions with their help.

From the perspective of a designer, a rug can define the tonality of the home and room. A room sometimes needs a makeover, and shifting furniture doesn’t always help. There is a need to experiment with various designs and textures to find the perfect fit. Although the wrong choice of rug can do more harm than good. The option to select the ideal rug within the sea of rugs can be difficult; here are some of the best area rugs:

Luxury Contemporary Geometrical Leather Hand Tufted Rio Cobalt/Indigo Area Rug Carpet

A beautiful and handcrafted piece by Mat Living will satisfy your hidden home décor aficionado. The Cobalt Blue rug oozes vibrancy and a pop of colour. This rug can help distinguish any corner of a room from the rest of the home. Made by leather, it is like a sophisticated piece of art that fits perfectly in your formal living room. A pleasure to touch; it resonates with luxury and contemporary art home decor. 

Luxury Soft and Silky Dubai Shaggy Vanilla Area Rug Carpet

Trust this rug to complete the look of your formal common room or family room for movie nights. Beautiful to look at and soft to touch; this rug checks all the boxes for picking good rugs. This piece is an example of handwoven excellence that is chic and practical. It has a very cosy and warm look that would make any home decorator very happy. The rug oozes panache and has a majestic exterior.

Aztec Tribal Earthy Hand-Woven Lina Classic Silver Sage Area Rug Carpet Sale

Backed up by tribal weaves and designs, these rugs go perfectly with the room if it requires an earthy look. These handwoven rugs tell a story. It can make a room look cosy and modern at the same time. Available at Mat living, this rug can prove to be a fantastic addition to your beautiful, earthy e common room. Choose this rug if the room needs a very classic bohemian room makeover.

Wilkins Oriental Handmade Tufted Wool Gray/Blue Area Rug

A woollen, handwoven rug by Wilkins comes with a cotton padding at the back to increase longevity. This rug provides warmth that engulfs you with comfort. Plush in design and natural weave backing allows the rug to be your partner for years to come. Pick a medium colour to hide the debris produced over the years, and you are good to go for a long time.

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Inspired by modern Moroccan trellis, the designs are beautiful and lavish. They vary in colours from muted to vibrant. It can be an easy pick for your living area to a bright playroom. They are easy to handle and take care of in the longer run. The rug could be juxtaposed with contrasting colours to bring out the best look.

Safavieh Hamadan Hayriye Vintage Boho Oriental Rug

This rug can give any room an instant colour pop. Inspired by oriental designs, which provide this rug with very posh and elegant looks, making this rug is perfect for any room that has classic décor. This bohemian looking rug is ideal for any room where people walk a lot. With the ideal pile, this rug provides a good cushion to your feet and is visually appealing.


The intricate and delicate pattern of this rug is very inviting to the eyes. It provides a dual function to a home. It is convenient and yet very beautiful. Although the looks may be deceptive, this rug is very affordable. The pile of this rug makes it ideal for a room that has a lot of traffic. This rug is a perfect addition to any room of any home.

Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Super Area rugs do a fantastic job with this rug. It feels like a piece of the cloud has been placed in your home and room. With a thick pile, this rug is a blessing in cold days and nights. Adding to the beauty is the practical use of the rug. It is stain and skid-resistant, making it desirable for any home.  

Glam Shag Rug

A beauty in itself, this rug is beyond words of description. Soft to touch and feel, this rug has a sink-in feeling for your feet. Adding to this, the rug is shed free, which make its maintenance and handling easy. 

Dash and Albert Rugs Diamond Geometric Handmade Flatweave Black Area Rug

This rug is magic in itself as it is stain, mildew, fade and weather resistant. It becomes imperative to place such rug in dining areas so that their handling becomes more comfortable. A geometric piece like this can add a drop of contemporary look in the classic décor.

Safavieh Madison Belle Vintage Boho Paisley Rug

The Vintage Bohemian rug can add life to any corner of the room. It is a trendsetting piece with an oval shape. This rug can highlight a specific section of the home beautifully. Loomed in Turkey, this piece is non-shedding and more comfortable to handle.

Although there are no hard and fast rules of choosing a rug, always pick a rug that makes the room more inviting. A home décor gets completed with a perfect rug making the area more comfortable. Dabble between multiple designs, weaves, patterns and colours and select what makes you feel at home. Every rug has a different use and purpose; make sure to bring home the right one. Be careful of the traffic in the room while picking up a rug. A lightweight rug in a heavy traffic room will produce more debris and fade out quickly. The home décor enthusiast in you will be delighted with what a perfect rug can do to your home. Be prepared for the magic of the rugs.

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